Sunday, 15 December 2013

Fact for December : Is that a Chinese Restaurant or Asian Cafe?

Something that can take a while to adjust to are the differences between eating out in Australia and the UK.  For one places close a lot earlier here.  Two, the concept of a restaurant allowing you to Bring Your Own (BYO) alcohol or having no licence at all. 

The fact I found hardest to accept was the decor.  With many restaurants brightly lit, poorly furnished and generally looking like they had seen better days. What I needed to learn, is that most of these places are actually closer to Asian cafes - without the full english breakfasts and builders teas - than fine dining establishments.

Don't get me wrong, high cuisine does exist it's just unlikely to be found on the side streets in quite suburbs.  If you leave the house with that expectation, you're unlikely to be disappointed.