Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Clothes Pegs

Ok, so this place has gone a little stale.  Life has settled in Australia, we bought a house and still love being here.  As things plod on there is less and less for me to write about - that would be of interest to anyone.  So, rather than close the blog I'm going to try adding a series of short updates around Facts, Myths and Maybe's about Australia.  Starting with:

Fact #1 - Plastic clothes pegs do not last as long in Australia.  It must be the sunshine, because after a few short months the plastic becomes brittle and they shatter when you come to use them.

Just as a foot note: Australian clothes pegs may not be up to much, but the washing lines are something else.  No plastic lines that stretch and break.  Here heavy guage steel wire seems to be the minimum spec.

So now you know....

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