Monday, 2 January 2012

More wildlife.

Meet the possum who lives in my garage roller door; posing in the apple tree that hangs over our decking. 

We hear he/she each night after sunset, as it noisely bounds across the metal parts of the roof and onto the decking.

Sometimes we are treated to a possum chorus, as all the possums in the area shout to each other, which sounds like (to my ears) a moped being kickstarted.

But his (or her) nickname 'Pooey' comes from the amount of droppings left across every surface at the back of the house.  For a small animal you would never believe the amount of poo it produces.

I have visions of having a Caddyshack style war with them.  But I am in rental and am well aware I'd loose.  Besides, it is apparently illegal kill, or even to move a possum far enough from your house that it couldn't find its way back. 

I must confess feeding them the occasional apple from my hands doesn't help my situation.  Can't help it - for all the mess, they seem so cute!.