Thursday, 29 December 2011

The wildlife..

Found this handsome looking devil hanging out on the back wall of the house. 

Large brown spiders in Australia are apparently less of a worry than the small black ones.

This guy was very big and brown and bit of a shock.  Thankfully Huntsmen are virtually harmless (they can however give a nasty nip).

He was gone this morning, so I wonder if he crept into the house and is waiting to surprise us!

Things you don't see in the UK #2 - Australia's Favourite Cheese

But apparently it is nothing to get shocked or snigger about.  Nor should you consider contacting your member of parliament in disgust.  According to the Coon website: "The brand name recognises the work of Edward William coon in developing the 'cooning process' of cheese making".

So there you go, we all learned something.  You can read more of the Coon story here.

Small things.. amuse my small mind..

As a Christmas present to myself, I recently bought a secondhand chest freezer - I know how to live on the wild side.

There is something about having an electric appliance located in an area that is virtually outdoors.  It feels very Australian!

Everybody meet my new refridgeration device.