Wednesday, 29 June 2011

So Where Are You Mate?

Apologies, for falling silent.  A lot was happening in my life around February time.

Our new baby was born into the world.. alongside that we were arranging her Australian Citizenship and Passport.. and alongside that we were packing our lives up ahead of the move to Australia.. and alongside that I was negotiating with my employer about a possible relocation within the company to Canberra.

So, a long story short:
  • We all flew down in April, Singapore Airlines were excellent in every possible way.  They even waived all our excess baggage costs.  
  • We made basecamp at my mother-in-laws in Queensland.  The drive north from Brisbane was made more exciting when the TomTom chose unpaved roads.
  • We bought a 20 year-old Ford Falcon as a run around.
  • The family stayed in the sunshine, as I came to the Australian Capital Territory to start work and find a more permanent place to live.
  • Qantas charged me the full amount for my excess baggage (despite the flight be empty) and then lost my bags.
  • I found a house, the family all drove down in the Falcon (22 hours of "Are we nearly there yet?").
  • Thus far, we're all living happily every after in the winter sunshine.  But by crikey, everything here feels so expensive.

More updates and observations from around Canberra to follow!