Friday, 4 February 2011

Fact Sheet 21 - Managing the Migration Program

Fact Sheet 21 is of interest to anyone waiting on a Child or Partner visa.  Chances are if you get fed up of hanging around and poke at your Case Officer, you'll get told something along the lines "We're working as fast as we can within the quota limits set down by the Australia Government".  Which if you look at the facts isn't (or shouldn't be) true :

Family Stream

Partner category visas:
  • Partner (subclasses 309/100 and 820/801) visas cannot be capped.
  • Prospective Marriage (fianc√©) (subclass 300) visas may be subject to capping.
Child category visas:
  • Child (subclasses 101 and 802) visas, Dependent Child (subclass 445) visa, Orphan Relative (subclasses 117 and 837) visa and Adoption (subclass 102) visas cannot be capped.
Source :: Australian Immigration Fact Sheet 21

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  1. Reading between the lines, the impression I get-

    if it's a legal difference between visa classes, the law makers decided that some can be capped and others cannot. But - waddayaknow! - politicans/officials say: well, the laws don't say how many case officers we should have, nor where we should assign them, do they now?!

    So, therefore, they can set their own budgetting / capping limits for any visa class anywhere they like at any time, laws or no laws.

    It's annoying that they can't just be straight with us.

    (Earlier post of mine answered by Wanderer: