Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Enjoying the calm before the storm

Greetings gentle reader(s).  It has been awful quiet from me of late and that's because at this stage in the migration process there has been very little for me to do: Get visa - Tick! Arrange Aussie Bank Account - Tick! Set dates for travel and arrange flights - Tick!

So with April chosen, as the date we're working backwards from it is too early to do more than think about shipping (a process that I'm trying to read up on - watch this space).  Somehow I still need to get into a mindset of 'stop buying things!' as they'll only need to be disposed of, packed or shipped.  Gradually, we also getting the house together; though still don't have a clue what to do with it.  It seems unlikely that we'd get a quick sale without sacrificing the small amount of equity we've accrued.

It is far too early to share my plans with my employer - although according to my calculations I'd be happy to take voluntary (or forced!) redundancy any time after October, as effectively through the pay-out I'd receive the same salary as though I worked right up until March.  Once I do tell my employer, there may be an option for international relocation, but I don't hold out hope. 

It is funny (and not funny ha-ha) having the visa, in that I now feel somewhat disenfranchised from the people who gave me support during my application and the long wait in the various internet forums that I frequent.  I don't know how to explain.  Seeing new people join with questions - as they begin the process - and reading those questions being answered by people who once asked me questions makes me feel that my time has passed and I should move on.  Peculiar, I know.

To pass the time, I have a stack of new books on my bedside table (a stack as I actually haven't finished reading any of them!).  No reviews, but these all come recommended:

  • "Australia: A Biography of a Nation" by Philip Knightley (A history book!)
  • "Digger" by Max Anderson (Man gives up job, goes in search of gold in Western Australia)
  • "In the Land of Oz" by Howard Jacobson (bit like Bill Bryson)
Anyhow, I'll sign off again until I can find something interesting to write about.  Take care.

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