Friday, 11 June 2010

Australia Defacto Spouse Visa - an expensive hobby

So, as I cross the 22 weeks of waiting mark I've been reflecting on how expensive an activity the process of applying to Australia  House for my Defacto Spouse Visa has been - both in terms of time (nearly eleven months since we had the idea) and money (to date just over £3,000).

Visa fee - £1000 (the weak £ and strength of the $AUD didn't help)
Agent's fee - £700 (money well spent for the peace of mind)
Medical - £196 (Bridge Clinic in Maidenhead gets my thumbs up)
Police Certificate - £35 (Absolute rip-off!)
Police SAR - £10 (Not required for everyone, did it to help my addled brain)
Certfied Copies - £90 (in the end solicitor's were much easier than magistrates)
Special Delivery - £30 (various bits to my agent and to Australia House)
Train fare - £30 (to my medical)
Flight to Australia to validate my visa - £930 (more expensive because of visa delays)

Total == £3,021 (ouch!)

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