Wednesday, 9 June 2010

153 Days -- or -- 21 Weeks and 6 Days (and counting!!)

So here we are in June and still waiting for my Defacto Partner visa.  Although we do have major progress on the migration front, in that our single tickets to Brisbane are now booked for April 2011 (again, with Singapore Air).  We decided it was best to draw a line in the sand and work backwords from there.  Still in a bit of shock if I'm honest.

Anyhow on to a brief book review: 'How to Settle Successfully In Australia' by Emigration Australia.  Let me start off by saying I really wanted to like this book.  Its main author is a regular poster at one of the forums I frequent and seems an amiable enough chap and for certain a lot of love and effort went into the book's production.  But....  - and my mother told me if I didn't have anything nice to say I should stay quiet - I don't think I got my money's worth from it.

The book is very verbose in some areas, to say the least.  The chapter "What is the boomerang syndrome' could have easily distilled down to "an overwelming desire to return, or stay in the UK" but instead runs to four pages.  In 'Look before you leap' the author tells that we should RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH and that he has 1485 books on Australia.  What he doesn't do is actually offer any advice as to where to do your research, what to research or which of his books are a decent read.  'Don't sell you house in the UK' would have been succint enough advice, because certainly the chapter doesn't offer any practical guidance on how you might keep your house in the UK whilst you find out if Australia is for you.

Another chapter 'The Credit Crunch', you'd expect to read about how Australia is fairing during the first Global Financial Crisis?  Instead - aside from the waffle - the author dedicates the entire chapter to an anecdotal story about the number of Australians resident in backpacker hostels.  Nothing about house prices, employment, banking, the economy in general or commodity mining..

Anyway, I've said too much.  To balance out my Karma I'm happy to send the book free of charge to the first person to send me an email to: Sorry the book has now gone!

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