Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Still aint nothing going on.

It doesn't matter how much I beg.  My Case Officer's mind is made up.  I will be getting my visa 'early in July' and not a day sooner.  Patiently, I continue to wait.

We've decided that I should make a brief visit to Australia in November, as we won't have enough time between the visa being issued and the first entry date to arrange our affairs in the UK.  So, I'm booked on a Singapore Air flight, out on a Saturday, back to the UK the next.  Fingers crossed I'll be able to persuade them to double my baggage allowance to 40Kg, so that my partner can weigh me down with her personal affects.

I've nabbed myself an Australia bank acccount with NAB, which is exciting in itself.  I chose NAB as they a. allow you to open the account from the UK, b. don't charge a monthly fee and c. employ really friendly staff at the UK office in Richmond.  My ATM card and pin code will be waiting for me to collect, once I present myself to a NAB branch on my validation visit.

Meantime, I've set up a new PayPal Australia account that is tied to my new NAB bank account.  That way I can quickly and easily transfer small amounts of money between my bank accounts in the UK and Australia.  For larger amounts I'll need to look into a broker account - more of that later I'm sure.