Monday, 22 February 2010

Evidence for a Defacto Visa application

A while back, I was asked about what evidence we had submitted to support my visa application.  Even though it was only a few months ago I had to think hard to remember.  Here is a fairly complete list:

Certified (some by a magistrate/some by a local solicitor)
  • Confirmation of Death in Service payment from my partner to me
  • Confirmation of Death in Service payment from my me to partner
  • Partner's car insurance with me as named driver
  • My car insurance partner as named driver
  • Joint mortgage offer
  • Remortgage correspondence from conveyancing solicitor
  • First joint bank statement
  • Council Tax bill from 2008
  • Mine, my partner's and son's passport & birth certs

  • Numerous travel and holiday itineraries going back to 2002
  • Invoice from nursery addressed to both of us
  • Amex statement showing partner's supplementary card on my account
  • Stat decs (Our's, Both mums, A friend).
  • Personal statement from me about my criminal record
  • 3 x Character Refs from Friends saying i'm upstanding and no longer a crim!
  • Partner's employer reference, job profile and a recent p60

Doesn't look like much written down, but it took nearly six months to get everything together.

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