Thursday, 7 January 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone!  Or both of you Dear readers, I should say.  Sorry for the lack of updates, my medical worries have made me bury my head in the sand for the past couple of months.

I think my Defacto Visa application is complete and ready for my migration agent to submit to Australia House in London.  I've started 2010 with a renewed health kick and am hopeful that the medical won't throw up any additional problems.  My blood pressure trend seems to be gradually downwards. To help demonstrate to the Panel Doctors that my high BP is partially due to "White Coat Hypertension" (being scared of doctors!), I will be wearing a BP monitor for 24 hours towards the end of the month and can then take the results with me to my Visa medical.

The Panel Doctors I've chosen are The Bridge Clinic in Maidenhead, as their prices seem reasonable enough and they have the advantage of being able to take X-Rays onsite - thus removing the need for a seperate hospital visit.  That said, DIAC have caused me more turmoil by announcing a review of the status of all UK Panel Doctors.  So far, I've heard of three practices that will not be performing Australia Visa medicals beyond January.  The Bridge Clinic believes their DIAC review was favourable, so fingers crossed I won't have to make new plans.

** Update :: Just spoken to my agent and he also feels my application is complete, so will be submitting it today. **

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