Saturday, 9 January 2010

Changes to the plan.. Grrr..

In the space of 24 hours I've had to make two changes to assumptions that I'd made about my application.  The first came after a conversation with my agent.  Because I'd attached a Subject Access Request from Wiltshire Police to my application - at the request of DIAC - my Case Officer may 'do me favour' and not request a proper ACPO Police Certificate.  Unfortunately, this would mean that once my visa was eventually (hopefully!) granted the initial entry date would be set by the SAR and thus expire August 2010.  This would not give me the plenty of time I'd hoped for to sort myself out.  To counter this, my agent advised that I apply for the ACPO Police Certificate with haste.  Which I did, on the same day as our conversation.  The application form doesn't have any gotchas.  One peculiarity I found is that the evidence of your current address can be a photocopy of a bill, it cannot be a print out from an online account.  Green visa applicants beware!

The second change I've had to make, is around the 24 hour BP monitor I need to wear.  I hadn't factored in the NHS.  In my mind, I've scheduled my medical for Friday 5th February.  I'm overweight and have borderline high blood pressure.  My intention was to lose as much weight as possible in the interim 5 weeks, by going on a VLCD - although extreme I find it works for me and I get results. 

Again in my mind, I'd planned to wear the 24 hour BP monitor a week before my medical.  By then my weight should have dropped and my BP along with it.  I would then be able to show the panel doctor my print out.  But of course, I hadn't factored in the NHS.  I received a call late yesterday afternoon, the gist of which was that I could have the BP monitor fitted today or sometime towards the end of February.  So I don't think it will any longer serve my purpose, but am doing it any way in case it does reveal a hitherto undiagnosed health problem.

As manager-speak tells me.  Change is good.  We should all embrace change.  Change helps us to grow.

But is sometimes a big pain in the ass.

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