Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A Quick Book Review (1)

In my quest to learn all there is to know about the Defacto Spouse Visa application process, I bought a couple of books.

The first: "Didgeridoos & Didgerdon'ts - a Brit's Guide to moving your life Down Under" by Vicky Gray describes itself on the back-cover blurb as: "a collection of short, personal experiences Vicky Gray and her family encountered during the first year or their new life down under. In addition to entertaining diary entries, inspirational stories from other expats, top tips and vital resources, the book is crammed full of well-researched information on everything you need to know to survive and thrive during your first year in Australia. Inside you will learn:

* How to get into Australia - step-by-step
* Which occupations are in demand right now
* What stuff you should definitely take with you
* The ins-and-outs of taking your pets
* All you need to know about Australia's banks
* How the school system works from day care up
* How to use Australia's healthcare system
* What's involved in getting a job and paying tax
* All about renting property in Australia
* How to buy a house - and why it's easy in Oz
* The little differences - from shopping to driving
* much, much more..."

And to be fair to the book, it does just that.  It is well written, informative and funny.  Each chapter is well laid out with both the hard facts and Vicky's family experiences.  Throughout the book links to useful websites are provided.  Overall it is a completely enjoyable read.

I only have one criticism and that is the book's RRP, which is £14.97 - a few pence less if you get it from Amazon.  I'm all for supporting the independent book publishers and authors but 15 quid feels really expensive for 188 pages of large font, that can easily be read cover-to-cover in a couple of hours.

My reccomendation would be buy-it read it, then stick it back on Amazon marketplace as almost new.  Sorry Vicky.

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