Thursday, 15 October 2009

Getting some help

Having read books, forums and even magazines I've decided that I am going to enlist the aid of a migration agent to deal with my Defacto Spouse Visa application.  Were my application completely straightforward I would have gone on alone, but..... my previously undeclared criminal record is niggling at the back of my mind.  Twice I've ticked the "No Convictions" box on entering Australia, this apparently causes an immediate character issue.  Who'd have thought they keep those cards anyway?

I don't think will cause me a problem, but having read everything available I'm not sure how to correctly disposition what was a well intentioned lie.  This is where I'm promised a migration agent will benefit me.   Anecdotally, I read a story where DIAC pulled out a landing card from the 1970s to prove a point to a would be applicant who hadn't fully declared his convictions.

There are literally dozens of migration agents who can manage your application, your choice should be limited only to those that are registered with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority).  In my case I opted for Go Matilda!, mainly because I can't find a bad word written about them.

P.S. If you're even considering using an agent, get some recommendations beforehand.  Any Migration Agent worthy of his/her title will give you a free 15-20 minute consulation to help understand your visa options.

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