Thursday, 27 August 2009

Choosing which Visa to apply for?

As mentioned before: my partner is an Australian and me a Pom. Our little boy is therefore entitled to both Australian and British passports and citizenship by descent.  Me on the other hand, needs a visa before I'll be allowed to work and reside in the lucky country.

A quick google takes me to the Australian Government - Department of Immigration And Citizenship (DIAC) website which advises that there are a number of visa options available to me, either as a skilled migrant or as defacto partner.

The overall list of visa categories the prospective traveller to Australia has to choose from is:

    * Workers
          o Employer Sponsored Workers
          o Professionals and other Skilled Migrants
          o Business People
          o Specialist Entry
          o Doctors and Nurses
          o Regional Employment
          o Australia Needs Skills Recruitment Expos
          o Air and Sea Crew
    * Migrants
          o Family Members
          o Returning Residents
    * Visitors
          o Tourists
          o Working Holiday
          o Retirement
          o Medical Treatment
          o Transiting through Australia
          o Event Organisers and Participants
    * Students
          o Student Visa Options
          o Student Guardians
          o More Information for Students
          o Student Visa Assessment Levels
          o Sponsored Training Visas
          o What's New?
    * Employers
    * Refugees

Luckily, to make things easy a 'Wizard' is provided to help you make the correct choice.

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